All lesbians are liars.

Attention all you fucking lesbians out there, it's time for a giant fucking wake up call. You say that you don't like men. When you say this, what you really mean is that you don't like having a big hard cock inside you. Well, that would be perfectly okay if it were true, but it's not; it's a total fucking lie. Oh, you don't like cock? When then I guess when your partner makes love to your vagina, all she does is lick your clit. She doesn't stick a couple of fingers inside you, because you don't like that, and she never slides a nearby hairbrush in and out of your wet pussy, because you are disgusted by all things phallic. And it pretty much goes without saying that she never EVER dons a strap-on and fucks you so hard that you can't walk the next day; that would be icky, just like men. And most importantly, the two of you never get a double-sided dildo and hump each other until you both collapse from exhaustion. Since you hate penises so much, I'm sure all of the above situations must thoroughly disgust you.

Except that they don't. You and your little lesbian fuck buddies use cock proxies in your sexual intercourse all the fucking time, then turn around and claim that you don't like men. Well, you're a goddamn liar and you're not fooling anyone. You may enjoy the company of women, but deep down you also secretly crave dick as well. So stop fucking lying to yourself: you're not a lesbian, you're bisexual. And the sooner you fucking admit it, the happier you and everyone around you will be. Now go out and find a guy who understands the concept of foreplay.

804,087 lesbians just found out they're actually bisexual.

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2009 by Haddox