The South should have won the Civil War.

It seems that wherever you go in the United States, there's one thing that all reasonable and rational people can agree on: the Civil War had a favorable outcome. The reason these people usually give to substantiate this claim is that it ended slavery. Well, these people are wrong. If it took a war between white people to end the enslavement of black people, then those black people probably deserved to be slaves. Now before you fucktards start sending me invitations to join your gay white power groups, let me explain myself.

In that unholy pit of awfulness known that Americans know as The South, slavery was the norm before the Civil War. There were large plantations where a few lazy ass white people with whips and guns made legions of black slaves do hard physical labor all day. Now let's think about this. First, the blacks outnumbered the whites on these plantations. Secondly, the slaves were in top physical shape from working in the cotton fields. If those stupid bastards truly wanted to be free, all they had to do was swarm the plantation owners and kill them. Sure, a few of the rioting slaves would have been killed too, but that's the fucking price you pay for freedom. When America fought for its independence from Britain, the colonists didn't sit around fussing over whether or not they'd die; they fucking went out there and TOOK their independence. Southern slaves were apparently too lazy or too cowardly to fight their own battle for independence so that just sat around feeling sorry for themselves until Abraham Lincoln came along. Fuck Lincoln.

The Emancipation Proclamation was the start of a long pathetic string of government decisions that has enabled black people to be lazy rather than empowering them to take their destiny into their own hands. Instead of trying hard in school, black students just fuck around and play basketball because they know they'll get into a decent college based entirely on affirmative action. And rather than writing an intelligent black sitcom that people might actually watch, Jesse Jackson will just go on TV and accuse the major networks of racism until they get scared and pick up the first tired Cedric the Entertainer vehicle that comes along. If black people want white society to stop treating them like shit, they need to stop taking handouts. They need to stop listening to Al Sharpton and start listening to the Black Panthers. And they need to stop speaking Ebonics. Ya dig?

805,752 people just bought Confederate flags.

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