Campaign signs and the idiots who love them.

Well, it's Election Day in America. All across the country, governorships, Senate seats, local legislature seats, sheriffs, and countless other jobs are up for grabs, and ballot questions are being voted on. Democracy is a beautiful fucking thing. Well, except for one small issue: those fucking morons that stand outside the polls with signs in support of candidates. Maybe I wouldn't mind so much if I didn't live right across the street from a polling location. But I do. So any time I look out my window, and there are dozens of idiots holding campaign signs across the street from me; the picture above is just a small fucking taste of how many of them there actually are out there. There are some on MY side of the street too, on the sidewalk in front of my house, and that's way too fucking close. Do this shit actually work? Does a random passerby see three people holding Paul Brodeur signs and think: "Wow! Paul Brodeur was able to find THREE people to stand here holding signs for him! He must be pretty amazing. I'm going to vote for him, even though I know nothing else about him!" I sure fucking hope not. Then again, people are pretty fucking stupid. Maybe it does work.

But the signs aren't the worst part of living across from a polling location. No, the worst part is all the fucking mouthbreathers who think it's cool to beep at the sign holders as they drive by. This is supposed to be a show of support, which is great except for two things. First off, a car horn is the most completely fucking irritating sound in the entire world. If you disagree, you're either five years old, mentally retarded, or both. Secondly, NO ONE KNOWS WHO THE FUCK YOU'RE BEEPING IN SUPPORT OF. Are you beeping at the Deval Patrick sign or the Charlie Baker sign? You were beeping while you drove by both of them. Oh wait, I don't really care who you were beeping at. You're a fucking moron. Die.

1,533,363 people hate Election Day, political signs, and car horns.

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