Yahoo's news portal is fucking gay.

I'll be honest here. I'm a lazy fucking bastard and I get most of my news from the internet. A real newspaper comes to my house every morning, but fuck it, I'd rather check the news while I'm checking my e-mail. For this reason alone, Yahoo is my browser's home page. Over the past year though, I've noticed an annoying change. Yahoo has been providing less and less real news on its main page in favor of FARK-like bullshit. Their top news is never anything useful anymore, it's always some retarded story about Britney Spears or some loser who reprogrammed Bejeweled so that it would propose to his dumpy girlfriend. Today, Yahoo hit rock bottom. This morning I logged on to see that one of their top stories was about a cat's "desperate attempt for cake". Let me repeat that. The headline was:


Meanwhile, people are dying in Iraq every day. America is quickly moving towards its 2008 presidential election. And four lines down from the goddamn cat headline there's a VERY unsettling story about the FBI's strong desire to continue its highly questionable domestic spying program by simply ignoring recent legislation passed to stop it. But hey, who the fuck cares about shit like that? Let's watch a cat chase a cake and laugh like a bunch of retarded fucking toddlers. Hey America, WAKE THE FUCK UP.

1,325,618 people still want to fucking know if the fucking cat got the fucking cake. He didn't.

Back to how much I rule...

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