Fuck you, cheerleaders.

You know what I hate? When there are cheerleaders canning outside some store trying to raise money for their team and they look all sad and shocked when I walk right by them without giving away any of my fucking money.

Yes cheerleaders, I see you there with your empty coffee cans, begging for my spare change and one dollar bills. And yeah, you're pretty. But I'm not going to give you my money. Hell, I don't even live in this town, I'm just here for some groceries, so I could give a fuck less if you have enough money to get new uniforms, rent a bus to get to the state finals, fly to Disney World, or buy whatever the fuck it is that cheerleaders need. Why the hell would I give you my money? Because you smiled at me? Fuck that. You only smiled at me because you want my damn money. There's a word for what you're doing, and it's called prostitution. The difference is that prostitutes actually have useful skills. You want my fucking money? Well, then here's a thought...

Suck my fucking dick.

1,368,907 cheerleaders have actually blown me. Hey, I pay well.


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