I hate pretty much every Disney character ever, but you know who I hate the most? Tigger, from the Winnie The Pooh cartoons. To me, Tigger embodies all of the least desirable qualities that a person can have. He is arrogant, ignorant, lazy, selfish, self-deluded, and loud. He frequently boasts that he "does everything best", but in reality, his skills are fairly unexceptional. And do you remember what happens the second someone calls him out on his annoying douchebag bullshit? He runs off to throw himself a pity party in the woods, gets lost, and then everyone drops what they're doing to go look for them. And then somehow everyone forgets what a fucking shithead Tigger was and gets mad at Rabbit for making Tigger feel bad. WHAT IN THE FUCK IS THAT SHIT!? Well, I guess we can add manipulative prick to Tigger's long list of poor qualities, too. Tigger is such an incredibly poor role model that I think his name should be synonymous with stupid, arrogant, loudmouth braggarts everywhere. Such people no longer deserve to be classified as humans; they are nothing but worthless fucking Tiggers. And do you know who the biggest Tigger in the world is right now?

LeBron James. When I think of Tiggers, I immediately think of LeBron. No one is a bigger Tigger than him. He's got Tigger blood flowing through his Tigger veins, up past his ugly Tigger face and right into his useless Tigger brain. I wish we could take LeBron James and all the other Tiggers in America and send them back to wherever the hell they came from.

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