I didn't write anything today either.

Today I sat down to update the site but then I stopped. Instead of writing new content, I decided to sift through all 2,000 of the badly written emails that you retards sent me in the hopes that maybe amongst all those "LMAO YOU RULE" messages there would be a television or radio deal waiting for me. There wasn't and now I'm too pissed to write anything.

So now I have a special request for everyone who is not from the mainstream media: PLEASE STOP EMAILING ME. I am a big star and when Sirius finally gets the balls to offer me my own show, I want to call them back immediately. Shit, maybe they emailed me while I was writing this! I better go check my messages again and not update the site.

1,171,614 CBS executives should give me Letterman's timeslot.


Back to how much I rule...

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