Porn sites need better search engines.

So there's this thing called Boolean searching. It is based around the idea that search terms should be input using AND/OR/NOT logic. Virtually every major search engine on the web fucking does this, and they have been doing so pretty much since their inceptions. The idea of OR has become archaic in search engines. If you input multiple keywords, it is assumed that you want to find a page that contains all of the keywords and AND logic is automatically implemented. However, OR logic is still available to those who desire it. On top of that, search engines let you search for specific fucking word combinations by using enclosing them in quotation marks. For example, if you type the phrase "if not, gut me" into Google, my page will come up. Search strings and Boolean logic are basic staples of search engines; without them, a search engine is completely fucking useless. And yet, many popular porn and/or torrent sites DO NOT FUCKING USE EITHER.

That's right, the software that powers popular torrent sites like Empornium and PureTNA was apparently coded by retarded half-blind septogenarians with substance abuse problems, because that's the only way to explain why it's so goddamn primitive. And it really fucking pisses me off. Regardless of whether I type in Ginger Lynn or Ginger+Lynn or "Ginger Lynn", these sites disregard my syntax and default to fucking OR logic, so I get a list that includes clips and movies starring Amber Lynn, Porsche Lynn, Lynn LeMay, Gina Lynn, Jamie Lynn, Jasmine Lynn, Jessica Lynn, Kaiya Lynn, Lynn Franciss, Micki Lynn and Veronica Lynn, as well as Ginger Lea, Ginger Thomas, and Havana Ginger. So basically, 90% of the search results are completely fucking unhelpful. Hey assholes, here's an idea: MAKE YOUR FUCKING SEARCH ENGINES WORK PROPERLY. If you do, maybe I'll consider actually seeding some files insteading of just leeching. Oh wait, I can't; Comcast has a bandwith limit. FIX YOUR SITES ANYWAY, ASSHOLES.

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