Who the fuck falls for this shit?

We've all been there. You're on some second-rate website filled with ad banners, when suddenly a window pops up at the bottom of the screen. It's an instant message! It's from a girl! She's local, she's horny, and she's selected YOU as her partner for casual, no-strings-attached sex! This sounds almost too good to be true!

That's because it IS too good to be true, fuckwad. It's an ad, and clicking on it will take you to some shitty adult dating site that wants your credit card information. Of course, unless you're a complete fucking idiot, you already knew that without ever having clicked on it. Honestly, who the hell falls for this bullshit? Does anyone actually look at these ads and think: "Wow, I just got an IM from an attractive woman on an messaging program I didn't even know I had! This is fucking awesome!"? Does that actually happen? Are there really people out there that pathetic and stupid? And if there are people out there who actually click these ads, they're not being punished nearly enough. If you are dumb enough to click on these ads, it's not enough that you'll end up paying $9.95/month to flirt with fat chicks, paid escorts, and bots; you deserve more serious consequences. If you click on one of these ads, an arm should reach out of your fucking computer screen and inject you with AIDS. You may not get the sex you were originally promised, but you'll get fucked the way you deserve.

1,665,618 guys still think a hot local girl who they've never met is randomly messaging them for casual sex.


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