Finally news that matters. This is where you can find out what products I'm currently whoring and what countries my site is banned in. Well you could if I actually updated this.

My site is too awesome for Google.
(Updated: 04-30-06)

April Fool's 2006 Page
(Updated: 04-02-06)

Who's really third best?
(Updated: 03-11-06)

Still nothing. Go back.
(Updated: 01-01-06)

I still haven't updated, go back to the main page.
(Updated: 12-05-05)

(Updated: 11-29-05)

There's no news, go back to the main page.
(Updated: 11-17-05)

If I missed any news or announcement updates, you are wrong because I am perfect. But be sure to send me an email about it so I can ignore it.

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